Gaming process

The playing field is divided into two zones: yours and your opponent’s. Each zone is divided into 3 lines and 3 sections. Each player’s team has 3 sharmuziks that move along their lines. Players take turns putting obstacles on the opponent’s field and removing them from their own.
All actions are carried out using “action cards”. Each sharmuzik has a unique class and provides the player with 5 cards. In their own deck, the player has 15 cards, of which they randomly receive 5 at the start of their turn.
The winning player receives artefacts: in-game tokens that can later be withdrawn into real currency. By combining different charm classes and unique action cards, which can be won or bought on the market, the player leads his team to victory by playing and earning.
In addition to the “competition” mode, the player can send their sharmuziks on “adventures”. Sharmuziks you sent on adventures will generate passive income in the form of artefact fragments, depending on the sharmuzik’s rarity and traits.