Main game characters

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The sharmuziks are the main game characters. They are divided into different classes with their own action cards. By combining the different sharmuziks’ types, players can form their own style of play. There will be 5 classes at the start of the game:
The sharmuziks have parameters that define their uniqueness. Each character has 2 traits: 1 positive and 1 negative. Depending on the trait, such a character will be differently effective in game situations. For example, better or worse at finding new sharmuziks or bringing in more or less passive income in adventure mode.
In addition, starting at a rare level, the sharmuzik will receive various bonuses on certain areas of the field. The higher the rarity of the sharmuzik, the more areas it will benefit from.
To get new sharmuziks, the player has to repair the “portal” for game tokens and send 2 of his sharmuziks on a quest. The result of the quest will depend on the rarity of the sharmuziks sent. The portal will break each time a new sharmuzik is received.