Sharmuziks WhitePaper
Automatisation is progress!
Robots are needed to craft various things. There are 3 types of robots, each with 1 to 3 modifications, with up to 3 possibilities for crafting. The higher the robot class, the more modifications it can have. That is, a robot of the 1st class can only do one of the below listed crafts. And a 3rd class robot can do all of them at the same time.
During the game you have to craft:
  • Clothing โ€“ gives certain bonuses, depending on the set and level. Crafted from parts and fragments of clothing.
  • Tools โ€“ the player gets a set of 6 starter tools by buying a starter kit or already upgraded tools on the market. To upgrade the tools, you need to find an artifact of a certain level.
  • Machines โ€“ are needed to move between locations, starting from the second location.
To create a robot you must have a robot's body (its class depends on it) and a core (the level of the robot and the quality of items depends on it). The lower the level of the robot, the higher the chance of failure when crafting.
The core can be crafted from artifacts. You can buy the robot's body on the marketplace.
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