What is game about?

Sharmuziks is a competitive card game based on blockchain technology, where everyone can earn, thanks to the P2E system.
Play to Earn games give the player an opportunity to earn real money by withdrawing tokens from the game or by selling various game items and game characters in the internal marketplace.
Sharmuziks, as well as other similar games, is not only entertainment, but also a method of earning: both active and passive.
The Sharmuziks world has been forming for 7 years, since the first book about the expedition of fairy-tale heroes outside their home town was written. The first book started the creation of a fully fledged meta-universe with its own unique world: characters, locations and history.
Most P2E games have worlds that were created for the game itself. Sharmuziks is a world with its own story, which we plan to develop and grow in the game.
An important advantage of the game is the plan for 3 further updates, which will improve the gameplay and add new gameplay features.
The game will be developed in parallel with the community, which subsequently will bring the most positive user experience.